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How to Quiet The "Monkey Mind"?

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The Benefit of Using Malas as a Meditation Tool.

It is believed that the average human has up to 70,000 thoughts a day, which can explain the "monkey mind"—a term where Buddha describes the human mind as being filled with wild monkeys that rummage around causing chaos and disrupting our peace. So, how do we tame these little noise makers?  We practice yoga and meditation and we use malas to help us. 

"Our first real confrontation with monkey mind can be disheartening, because we are likely to be surprised at just how wild our minds really are" says meditation teacher and author Dennis Hunter in his book You Are Buddha: A Guide to Becoming What You Are. "But there is good news. Monkey mind, the Buddha taught, is not the true nature of mind—it's merely a collection of bad mental habits, habits that can be unraveled and dissolved. Mind's true nature, beneath the thicket of confusion and habitual patterns, is clear and focused and peaceful."

Adrian Molina, a yoga teacher in Miami Beach, FL, adds: "Malas are a great tool for your yoga and meditation practice, and I always recommend them to students. I use them for counting mantras, counting the breath, and even just reminding me of my practice and my intention."

*Pictured is our unisex Dalmatian Jasper Mala: