Crystal Jewelry: How to Choose the Right High-Vibration Jewelry for You

What do you want? What do you need? What are you drawn to?

These are the three questions I often ask people when they are deciding on a Five Star Hippie® piece, because when it comes to the world of spiritual jewelry, it’s a world of its own!

What Is High-Vibration Jewelry?

Spiritual jewelry celebrates the body as well as the soul, because it connects us to the essence of the Universe. Mostly, everything in the Universe is made up of stardust—including you and me, the earth below, the sky above, the homes we live in, the cars we drive, the technology we use, and the jewelry we wear.

How? Stardust is simply minerals, and minerals make up everything. As astronomer Carl Sagan stated, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the Universe to know itself.” 

Pretty neat, huh?

Why do I ask people what they want, what they need, and what they are drawn to when deciding on a piece of spiritual jewelry? Because it offers a lot of insight.

The “want” often answers what someone hopes to manifest; the “need” is often a wish to fulfill something somewhere; and the “what are you drawn to” question is there to help you tap into your intuition—which will often supersede the answers to one and two, because intuition always knows what we want and need.

Before we dive into the jewels and their meanings, I want to clarify the technical terms for the types of jewelry we reference in this story, which we often refer to as crystals, stones, and gemstones.

For starters, crystals are true to their name, as they are crystallized formations of minerals—natural, solid, inorganic compositions. An example of a crystal in its raw form would be an amethyst.

Then there are what we call stones, which are simply rocks that are made up of minerals. Some rocks have organic matter, such as lapis lazuli or jade.

And then we have gemstones, which are a combination of minerals and rocks that are strong enough to be tumbled and polished to make jewelry. An example of a gemstone would be moonstone, and a precious gemstone would be a diamond.

Although minerals make up all crystal jewelry, stone jewelry, and gemstone jewelry, rarely will you hear jewelry referred to as simply minerals.

So, How To Choose The Right Piece For You?

To answer this question, simply answer the following:

Do you wish for more love in your life?
If so, rose quartz is the stone for you.

Rose Quartz is a soft pink stone that enhances love in all its many forms: romantic, family, self, and universal.

In addition to promoting all the love feels, rose quartz also promotes compassion, kindness, and tenderness. It is also most associated with the crown chakra, which promotes higher consciousness.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving rose quartz: “I welcome in all the love that I desire.”

Are you ready to step into your power?
If so, onyx is the right stone for you.

Onyx is a shiny black stone that ignites inner and physical strength and inspires you to step into your power. It also helps to protect from negative energy by banishing icky vibes. Onyx is also associated with the root chakra, and grounds energy.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving onyx: “I plan to step into my power.”

Do you want to invite more money into your life?

If your answer is a big ‘ol yes, aventurine is the way to go!

Aventurine is a muted green stone that brings forth luck, prosperity, and abundance and is most associated with the heart chakra for love.

If and when you are ready to manifest some moola into your life, I suggest wearing aventurine, and recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving this stone: “I welcome prosperity and abundance into my life.”

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by and you want to press the pause button?
If so, howlite is the stone for you.

Howlite is a white marbleized stone that promotes presence and awareness. It is also most associated with the crown chakra, and a great stone to use for meditation as it helps one connect to a higher realm of consciousness.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving howlite: “I intend to be more aware so I can be in the present moment.” 

Do you ever feel like you are holding back from fully expressing yourself?
If so, sodalite is a great stone to choose.

Some say this blue and white marbleized stone looks like a sky with scattered, puffy clouds. The energy associated with sodalite is that it helps stimulate truth, thought, and communication— which helps with internal and external dialogue, ultimately helping with expression. No surprise, the chakra most associated with sodalite is the throat chakra.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving sodalite: “I will express myself.”

Peace and healing, anyone?
If so, amethyst can assist.
Amethyst is a translucent purple stone that promotes peace, healing, and transformation. It also helps if you have any addictions or problems sleeping, or if you feel on edge. It is most associated with the third eye chakra, which helps the wearer tap into intuition and introspection.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving amethyst: “I invite peace and healing into my life.”

Are you ready to be seen, but need a little boost?
If so, carnelian is your ticket.

Carnelian is a reddish-orange stone that promotes courage, confidence, and creativity. It is most associated with the sacral chakra, for connection and acceptance. Bonus: Carnelian helps with vitality, providing a boost in sexuality and sensuality. Oooh-la-la!

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving carnelian: “I am confident, creative, courageous, and sexy.”

Ready to manifest your dreams?
If so, citrine is the stone for you.

Citrine is a transparent, yellow-ish stone that powers up the solar plexus, helping you manifest your wildest dreams! It also boosts energy, creativity, and wealth—and helps with goal-setting and ultimately goal-achieving.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving citrine: “I will manifest my dreams and desires.”

Want to step out of your comfort zone?
Tiger’s eye can help you do just that.

Tiger’s Eye is a brown, marbleized stone that encourages you to step out of you comfort zone and attain new perspectives. It also promotes courage, activation, social change, and protection. It is most associated with the first three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus) for rooting, connection and power.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving the tiger’s eye: “I am courageous and will face my fears.” 

Looking for strength?
Agate will get you there.

Agate comes in many colors, but the Five Star Hippie® agate is a muted red stone that promotes strength and courage. It is most associated with the root chakra for grounding and rooting energies.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving agate: “I am receiving the strength I need.”

Does your relationship need some help?
If this is the case, you may want to try dalmatian jasper for you or your partner—or perhaps for both of you.

Dalmatian jasper is an off-white and black speckled stone that lessens disillusionment, which allows one to see their strengths and weaknesses more clearly—a truth serum of sorts. It also helps increase loyalty, which is beneficial for long term relationships, as well as physical and emotional strength. (There is no direct connection to any particular chakra; however, this stone holds an abundance of energy in its own right.)

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving dalmatian jasper: “I see and speak my truth for myself and my loved ones.”

Serenity, anyone?
I welcome you to try snowflake obsidian.

Snowflake Obsidian is a black and white speckled stone that provides serenity and clarity. It also assists with energy shielding, decisions, and grief. (Again, this stone has no direct connection to any particular chakra, but it holds an abundance of energy in its own right.) 

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving snowflake obsidian: “I welcome serenity and clarity into my world.”

Stuck in the middle and need help getting to the other side?
Choose quartz.
Quartz is a clear stone that transforms healing and energy and also helps you attain a higher consciousness with its connection to the crown chakra for higher connection.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving quartz: “I am transforming for my highest good.”
Want to call on your feminine energy and intuition?
If so, then moonstone is for you.

Moonstone is a milky-white iridescent stone that helps us connect to our intuition and is most associated with the crown chakra for higher consciousness. It is also the stone of the Divine Feminine. It helps to awaken and empower femininity—plus, it has some epic moon magic! 

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving moonstone: “I am tapping into my intuition and feminine energy.”

Want to become a money magnet?
If so, go for jade!

Jade attracts and enhances prosperity, luck, and abundance. It is also a good stone for connection to intuition and bringing forth success. It’s most associated with the heart chakra, for love. 

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving jade: “Money will flow into my life and I will prosper.”

Looking for some mysticism and help with growth?
Lapis lazuli is a great choice.

Lapis Lazuli is a rich blue stone with flecks of white and gold that has mystical energy around it. It promotes transformation, authenticity, and self-awareness, and connects to the throat chakra for self-expression and communication.

I recommend the following affirmation when choosing or receiving lapis lazuli: “I am evolving.”

There you have it. As you can see, there is an abundance of crystals, stones, and gemstones to choose from based on your needs or wants. The trick, of course, is choosing the right one for you and whatever it is you need or want to call into your life. 

I know it can be overwhelming when choosing for yourself, a friend, or a loved one. My absolute best advice? Trust your gut—it always knows!

I also want to take a moment to thank the Universe for providing us with all its beautiful gifts, because it is from stardust that we receive these gifts that help us connect, heal, and prosper. 

With Love & Light,
Janine Forte
Founder of Five Star Hippie®


Edited by Meghan Rabbitt

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