Healing Jewelry: 3 Powerful Stories of How Mala Beads Helped Women Heal

My daughter died.

I’m having a hard time conceiving. 

I am battling cancer.

These are just some of the stories that I hear through the work that I do.

As the owner of Five Star Hippie®, I often do trade shows and trunk shows, and it’s at these shows that I showcase my jewels and educate people on gemstones and their energies. Most of the time people walk up to me and ask questions about the jewelry on the table, and that’s where the conversations begin.

I believe that jewelry is the gateway for people to share their stories, but I also believe that people feel comfortable talking to me.

Here are three powerful stories of how mala beads helped women heal.

This fist story may be upsetting, so reader beware.

One day at a show in Los Angeles, a solemn-looking woman and her daughter walked up they asked me if I could custom-make a mala. I do customizations all the time, so I said sure. She then asked me the significance of the tassels on the malas, and I explained to her that tassels represent Oneness—a connection to ourselves and to others. The woman started to cry and I knew I was about to hear a heartfelt story.

My daughter committed suicide, is what the women shared next.

She spoke very slowly as she explained to me the grief she was experiencing and how she wanted to find a way to be connected to her daughter, so we found a way together—and we co-created a custom-made mala necklace with a beautiful silk tassel hanging at the end.

To date, this was one of the hardest stories I’ve been confronted with. I’m empathic, sensitive, and compassionate, so this one shook me. I cried and hugged the woman when she shared the story, and I was very emotional as I made the mala because of the meaning behind it. I also felt like I was connecting the physical world with the ethereal realm, which heightened my sensitives.

After she received the mala in the mail, she wrote me a heartfelt email thanking me. We wrote back and forth a few times, and although I couldn’t take away this woman’s agonizing pain, I was able to provide a little bit of relief and help her on her healing journey. 

The next story may also be a sensitive subject for many because it has to do with fertility. 

A couple of years ago I was at a show in New York City and a pretty, fit, and kind woman approached me. We shared pleasantries and our love of yoga, and she asked me to explain the meaning behind the jewels on the table. I walked her through the meaning of each stone and charm, and she listened intently the whole time. 

She picked up a dalmatian jasper mala, which is a stone that lessens disillusionment, and a rose quartz mala, which is for love. She said she wanted both and wanted to know if I could add charms, which I gladly did. We added an angel wing charm for guidance and protection and an elephant for luck.

She knew what she wanted, and she also knew what she needed, so my time with her was short yet sweet.

Before she walked away, she told me that she was struggling with fertility and trying to conceive, and she was hopeful that the malas would help.

Sure enough, they did. 

Several months after we met at my show in midtown Manhattan, I saw on her Instagram feed that she had a healthy baby girl. Even sharing this now makes me smile and my nose tickle. It’s nothing short of a miracle if you ask me.

The third story is about fighting a battle, and the power of a positive attitude.

When I first launched Five Star Hippie®, I started doing trunk shows at YogaWorks throughout Los Angeles. At one of my first shows, I met a woman we’ll call Allison.

Allison was bubbly, smiley, and full of energy. She instantly took a liking to me, and I felt the same way. We talked and talked and after a while she shared with me that she was a breast cancer survivor. You would have never known that this woman was in remission because she had such a positive attitude, but she was fighting a battle. After about an hour of chatting, I walked her through all the stones and their energy and she bought several bracelets and malas for herself and those she loves. She walked away with a smile and she told her mission was to stay healthy and cancer-free.

For the past five years, I see her about twice a year and every time I see her she holds up her mala adorned wrist and says, “I wear this every day, and I’m still cancer-free!”

Year after year, Allison attributes her healthy diagnoses with eating well, exercising, and wearing our mala beads. Now if that doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what does. 

This additional story wasn’t planned, but life happens in real-time and this was just presented to me. It’s another tear-jerker.

I did a big end of season sale on FiveStarHippie.com and as the orders came in I recognized several names, but it was a DM (direct message) from a woman I’ll call Julie that caught my attention. 

The conversation went something like this:

Julie: Hey, Janine. I just ordered five amethyst bracelet sets and I was wondering if you have five angel wing charms to be added to each set?

Me: Hey, Julie. I’m low on stock, but let me check.

Julie: Thanks

Me: Good news…I have exactly five left!

Julie: My mom just died. I am heartbroken. These bracelets will be for my family members and myself as something to remember my mom.

Me: I am so very sorry for your loss, truly. I am sending you love, light, and healing energy as I write this. Amethyst is a gemstone for peace and healing, and angel wings represent protection & guidance so I think you chose wisely. 

Julie: Thank you so much.

Me: I am truly sorry again and I hope you will find some comfort during this difficult time. 

My heart ached for this woman, who is now a caregiver for her aging and widowed father. She needs love right now and if I can provide a glimpse of that through a heartfelt conversation and my jewelry creations, I feel I am doing something to contribute to her healing.

I do want to put a disclaimer here and say that our jewels do not cure cancer or grief, and they aren’t responsible for women conceiving. However, they are powerful tools if used with intention by the wearer—but the wearer must be ready to do the work. Our jewels are simply there to assist.

With Love & Light, 
Janine Forte
Founder of Five Star Hippie®

Edited by Meghan Rabbitt

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