November Full Moon Reading & Offering

I believe that we do not meet people by accident, so when I met Carma, an Energetic Intuitive & Shamanic Healer, I knew, the second I looked into his abyssal eyes that we were meant to cross paths. I also recognized him instantly, as if I've known him for a long time, and I told him that he was in some way connected to my Grandmother, who was a deep and mystical firecracker, too.

As an intuitive myself, I am very particular with who I let into my circle both personally and professionally, so it is with great pleasure that Carma, an old yet new friend, has agreed to share his wisdom and insight for the upcoming full moon that we now get to share with you!

November's full moon is named after the beaver and for good reason. This time of year beavers become particularly active preparing for winter by building their dams in preparation for the cold season. The beaver is mainly nocturnal working through the night under the light of the full moon. 

The full moon occurs on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, at 8:34 AM ET in Taurus. The November full moon is the perfect time for completing a long term goal and turning your dreams in reality. Let go from holding yourself back and reach your potential.

This full moon could also pose communication and relationship issues because it is opposite Mercury Retrograde. Be conscious and aware of this energy so it does not overpower you. You are the creator of your destiny. Take notice of what emotions and issues surface during this time and process it with love and care. 

The Beaver moon comes with amazing intuitive energy and good fortune which will ensure success in whichever project or hurdle you take on. This energy comes with strength, courage, and willpower and will give you a burst of energy to assist you in completing the final stage of a major goal. What have you been ready to complete? Take this time to script and journal what is surfacing in your heart. The decade is quickly coming to a close and now is the time to learn to live with what is in alignment with your soul.

Happy full moon friends. Sending you infinite blessings and love to you as you receive this message. 

Energetic Intuitive & Shamanic Healer


With Carma's reading in mind as we embrace this full moon period and the angel-like 11th month of the year, I would recommend wearing citrine—which is a translucent yellow stone for manifesting, which also has connections to the solar plexus chakra for power, will, strength & confidence. 

With Love & Light, 
Founder of Five Star Hippie®

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