Surprising Spots to Stash Your Malas to Charge Up Your Home

Chances are if you walk into any yoga studio you will see men & women with beads wrapped around their wrists or neck. These magical beads are called malas and they are just as powerful off the body as they are on.

For starters, a mala is a string of beads traditionally used for prayer or meditation. Customarily there are 108 beads on a mala, or divisions of 108 and they are often made of wood, stone, or seeds.

In addition to using a mala as a meditation tool, I believe wearing a mala can act as spiritual armor by protecting and guiding us on our journey. They also help with presence and overall mindfulness. 

Aside from using malas as a meditation tool, or spiritual armor for overall mindfulness, they can pump some serious energy into your home! Below are some at-home rituals that will keep your malas visible & vibrating:

1. Hang your mala on a doorknob in any room in your home. It can be the bedroom, bathroom, front door or anywhere you see fit. Once the mala is hung, the energy of the stone will radiate into whatever room it is in. For example, if you are looking to welcome prosperity into your home, you may want to hang an aventurine mala as the energy associated with aventurine is monetary abundance. 

2. Place your mala on a sacred plate with other mindful tools such as crystals, palo santo, sage, or feathers. The collective energy of these healing tools will vibrate throughout your space and they will also be a subtle reminder to use them when needed.

3. Decorate your walls with malas as wall art! Not only will they look pretty but they will be a reminder to stay present while in the comfort of your home. Feel free to add any mala that jives with your decor, but if you want a pop of all the colors, I would recommend our chakra mala which has all the colors of the rainbow🌈

4. Lay your mala in a windowsill to absorb moon energy. Each lunar cycle offers different energy so be mindful of intentions and remember, the most powerful time to re-charge your mala's energy is under a full moon. I would recommend gathering all the malas in your home and doing this with all of them. The more energized your malas, the better!

5. Keep you malas on your nightstand so it’ll be the first and last thing you see in the morning and night which will remind you to rise with intention and to fall to sleep with intention. If you see your mala beads when you rise, you may even be inclined to meditate first thing in the morning, which is a great way to start the day! And here’s a neat tip: Lay your malas on top of a selenite stick or plate, which purifies and clears energy.

6. Put your malas alongside your books to ignite the energy of the material you read. You can lay them atop a stack of books, which also looks pretty cool, or you may even want to use them as a bookmark. If this sounds like a neat idea, I would recommend adding a rutilated quartz mala or crystal which promotes focus.

7. Display your malas atop your coffee table as a decorative piece. I would recommend placing them on top of coffee-table books, or on a decorative plate, box, mirror or wherever you can find a creative spot. Again, I would suggest choosing a color or energy that matches the vibration you want to invite into the room.

8. Wrap your malas like a snake next to your flowers or plants for a fun garden theme and fellow earthy vibrations. If you want to take it even one step further, you can bury you malas in the mud which will ignite the soil and create a very healthy bloom. I know this to be true because I’ve done this and it’s amazing how much the plants & flowers grow. It’s as if the soil gets supercharged from the vibrations in the stones. If this sound like a fun idea, I would suggest using an earth tone mala, like jade or tiger’s eye or even quartz, because you can never go wrong with quartz anywhere or at anytime.

9. Store your malas atop your meditation cushion as a reminder to sit and meditate. If you see the cushion and if you see the mala it’s almost a double reinforcement to sit and take some quiet time. I would highly recommend putting a rudraksha mala on your cushion as our rudraksha malas are hand-knotted which are easiest for counting breaths or mantras while meditating.

10. Last but not least, I recommend putting a set of malas in your car. Our cars are often an extension of our homes, so if your car needs some extra lovin’ ,go ahead and put a set of malas in there and enjoy a more high-vibrational ride. 

As you can see, there is an abundance of ways you can use malas around your home. For most of us our homes are our sanctuary so putting malas in and around your home will only add good vibrations all around.

With Love & Light,
Janine Forte
Founder of Five Star Hippie®

Edited by Meghan Rabbitt

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