About Us


We’re so happy you found us. We’re a mindful jewelry company that makes malas, charm bracelets and necklaces, and other high-vibrational jewelry. All of our pieces are designed in our Miami Beach oasis with love and intention and handcrafted with eco-friendly materials by women in the Himalayas who support their villages.

Meet Our Founder 

Janine Forte is a New Yorker turned Angelino, turned Floridian, who comes from a long line of jewelers. In 2007, she got her start designing fine jewelry. Then, Janine found yoga and spirituality—and she wanted the love, intention, and sense of Oneness she experienced on her yoga and meditation mat to translate to her work. That’s how Five Star Hippie® was born. Committed to using only the finest, eco-friendliest materials—and to designing and hand-crafting malas, yoga jewelry, and other beautiful pieces that are charged with good vibes and powerful intentions—Janine has created a line and a company that is truly a reflection of her.

What Makes Our Malas Special?

Our spirit-inspired jewelry collection uses precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals, sustainable wood, and other eco-friendly materials. Not only that, but each piece of jewelry is also designed and hand-crafted with a positive message in mind—meant to inspire and heal your body, mind, and soul. Five Star Hippie® also believes in giving back, which is why part of the proceeds of every mala you buy helps to support various women's groups and Oceana, a non-profit organization that protects our oceans.

Why Five Star Hippie®?

 Janine is often asked how she came up with the name for her mindful jewelry company. Here’s the breakdown:

Five Star = quality materials
Hippie = loving energy
Translation: Quality materials made with loving energy
Janine created Five Star Hippie® with an intention of creating jewelry that would help people connect to themselves, remember their intentions, and ultimately cultivate more self-love. “If we can connect to ourselves and cultivate self-awareness and self-love, I believe that will ultimately lead to better relationships with others and ultimately, the planet,” says Janine. 

What Makes Five Star Hippie® Spiritual Jewelry?

Each piece of jewelry has an energy and a vibration, which is either derived from its gemstone, crystal, color (as it relates to the chakras), or one of our symbolic charms. Whether it’s love, healing, courage, strength, or abundance you’re after, simply choose an energy or intention you might want or need to call into your life and your piece of jewelry will serve as a tool to help you achieve your desires.

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