Meditation Offerings

What is meditation & why do we need it?

 Meditation is defined as a practice of focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a calm state of mind. There are many benefits to meditation and anyone can do it, anywhere.


Some of the benefits of meditation include:
•Reduces Stress
•Helps with Focus
•Manages Anxiety
•Promotes Emotional Health
•Enhances Self-Awareness 
•Helps with Self-Control which can Reduce Cravings or Addictions
•Can Improve Memory, or Help with Memory Loss
•Helpful for Pain Management
•Promotes Kindness, Compassion & Love
•Better Sleep
•Increases Overall Heath

Our meditation offerings include private one-on-one sessions, private group sessions, and corporate group sessions either in person or remotely.

 Most of our offerings are led by our founder, Janine Fortewho teaches yoga and meditation in New York, Los Angeles & Miami. 

Janine has been practicing and studying yoga & meditation for the past 11 years with some of the best teachers, and the results it's had on her are profound. 

In her words: There are so many benefits to meditating! Meditation can improve one's quality of life and promote an overall mindful lifestyle. It’s a total integration of body, mind, and soul. 

If you are interested in our meditation offerings or want to be part of our teaching team, contact us by filling out the form below!