Materials include 108, 6mm sandalwood beads that are hand knotted on a brown cotton string w/ a two-inch brown cotton tassel for earthing energy
Sandalwood Tassel Mala for Relaxation & Earthing

Sandalwood Tassel Mala for Relaxation & Earthing

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  • Sandalwood is a wood bead that promotes mental clarity & relaxation. 
  • Materials include 108, 6mm sandalwood beads that are hand knotted on a brown cotton string w/ a two-inch brown cotton tassel for earthing energy. 
  • This mala is unisex and will likely wrap four times around the wrist for women & three for men. If worn as a necklace, it measures 33".  
  • A mala is a set of beads that are used as a meditation tool or as a simple reminder to stay present throughout the day.
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